Riven is now on Android!

Riven is now on Android, so now you can play realMyst and Riven on both ios and Android!

Obduction​ is now on Mac!

Cyan Inc.’s game Obduction is now on the Mac as well as the HTC Vive and Occulus Touch, with the Playstation 4 version likely coming later this year!

realMyst now on Android!

realMyst is now available on Android! So you can now play it either Android or ios devices!

Obduction coming to the PS4!

Cyan Inc.‘s game Obduction, is going to be made available for the Playstation 4 next year as well as the Playstation’s virtual reality headset the PSVR, and adding official support for the HTC Vive;

Obduction now available for virtual reality!

Cyan Inc.‘s newest game Obduction, is now available for virtual reality on the Occulus Rift, and with some tinkering can also be run on the HTC Vive!

New footage of realRiven released

New footage has been released of The Starry Expanse Project!(aka realRiven). It looks like they made a lot of progress; you can see a lot of completed modeling work that just need the textures added.

Small update on Myst TV and potential news on Cyan’s next game

We got a bit of an update on the Myst TV series, Rand Miller (aka Atrus) was asked about it at the last Mysterium. It looks like it is still in the pre-planning stages, still working with the same studio as before so Legendary Tv and likely Hulu are still moving forward with the series. He thinks he may have more details within the coming year and seems fairly optimistic about the progress. If you want to listen to him he talks about it in the interview below at about 1:10:10

Other point of interest in the interview, it sounds like The Latus Project (pronounced Lattice) is going to be Cyan Inc.‘s next project, this is one that was in the works from at least 2004 in Cyan, talks about it at 1:22:39, from what he is saying it sounds like it has evolved a lot since his initial description of it in a 2005 interview;
“Our new project is called Latus – a completely new type of interactive entertainment that mixes linear storytelling and interactive 3D in a way that has never been done before. It’s hard to describe. It feels like a new kind of genre.”
Main new thing he mentions about it is he thinks it would work well with virtual reality, which if you look at the linkedin for the head of business for Cyan, Blake Lewin, it lists it as a virtual reality project. Links with information on Latus below;