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Rand Miller Interview Sheds New Light On The Myst Movie!

Hello everyone! Long time no see right? 🙂

Good news everyone! An interview with Rand Miller from July provides a bit of news into the ongoings surrounding the Myst movie. You can listen to the interview here, and read the summary of the interview over at Nalates’ blog.

Special thanks again to Shon for cluing me in on this!


New Direction!

Before you ask, no, Shon didn’t join a boy band. 😀 However, he did transfer the site over to me, as he was planning on closing it.


While I was originally going to take over to make sure the site was properly archived, I have decided to keep it up in any capacity that the fans want. To start, I’ve given the site a face lift. There’s a new theme, a new banner, and several other new features, including an official chat room!

I’ll make more changes and additions as requested. Who knows, with a little work, this space may just become the “official” place for Myst Movie fans. Feel free to discuss whatever you like down bellow.


– Trekluver