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New Interview with Rand Miller!

Neat 2-part interview with Rand Miller about Cyan’s past and future by AdventureGamers. Note that both have multiple pages you can get turn to using the links at the bottom. Page 4 of interview 2 has a little bit about how Cyan’s planning for their next game;



Riven is now on Android!

Riven is now on Android, so now you can play realMyst and Riven on both ios and Android!

Obduction​ is now on Mac!

Cyan Inc.’s game Obduction is now on the Mac as well as the HTC Vive and Occulus Touch, with the Playstation 4 version likely coming later this year!

realMyst now on Android!

realMyst is now available on Android! So you can now play it either Android or ios devices!

Obduction coming to the PS4!

Cyan Inc.‘s game Obduction, is going to be made available for the Playstation 4 next year as well as the Playstation’s virtual reality headset the PSVR, and adding official support for the HTC Vive;

Obduction now available for virtual reality!

Cyan Inc.‘s newest game Obduction, is now available for virtual reality on the Occulus Rift, and with some tinkering can also be run on the HTC Vive!

New footage of realRiven released

New footage has been released of The Starry Expanse Project!(aka realRiven). It looks like they made a lot of progress; you can see a lot of completed modeling work that just need the textures added.