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Village Roadshow bought the rights for Myst Movies and TV!

Village Roadshow Entertainment Group has bought the rights to make Myst movies and TV shows! They plan on having both Rand Miller and Ryan Miller involved in the making of them! Isaac Testerman and Yale Rice in Delve Media, from the previous effort to make a Myst movie, are also involved.

‘Myst’ Film and TV Rights Sell to Village Roadshow


Firmament crowdfunding extended!

A bit late about this but Cyan Inc. extended the crowdfund for their new game, Firmament! They are still doing most of the pre-order tiers and it contribute to both the game and their stretch goals! You can use it to pre-order for PC, VR, Mac, and PS4!

Free Obduction give-a-way via GOG! is giving away Cyan’s last game Obduction free for a limited time!

Firmament Kickstarter raised 1.4 million!

Cyan Inc.‘s kickstarter for their upcoming game Firmament wrapped up today with $1,433,161 in funds, going past their first stretch goal amount, and 18,420 backers!

Firmament funded supporting Mac & PS4!

Cyan Inc.‘s upcoming game Firmament has just met their goal on Kickstarter for getting funded! Cyan is now also announcing that they have funding to get Firmament on Mac, PS4, and support for the French, Italian, German, and Spanish languages, It is not longer necessary to meet the base goal although additional funds would still let them do more in the game!

Firmament Kickstarter past one million!

Cyan Inc.‘s kickstarter for their upcoming game Firmament, just passed one million, still has three more days to go to reach the target!

More details on Myst TV series

Rand Miller has given out a few more exciting details on the the Myst TV series in a Live Stream for promoting the Firmament kickstarter. He said it is further along than it has ever been and that they are more involved than ever before. It will be episodic but may be more than that (There was talk about Cyan doing a tie in game to the TV series when it was announced before so that may be hint towards that direction).
You watch the whole livestream at the link below, Myst TV was discussed at about 19:00