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Cyan is helping publish the game “Zed”

Cyan is helping publish a game called “Zed” from Eagre Games, headed by a former contributor of Cyan, Chuck Carter, who worked on Myst among other games. It is the first time Cyan has externally helped with the publication of a game.
You can read about it at the link below as well as watch the trailer;

All of the Myst series is now on Mac OSX!

All the Myst games are officially now available for both Windows and Mac OSX systems on both Steam and GOG!

360 renders from the original Myst!

Cyan just released 360 views of from renders of the original Myst you can view on both a computer screen or in VR!

Myst III and IV now on Steam and GOG!

Cyan just released Myst III and IV on the Steam store so not they are available along with the rest of the series from both GOG and Steam! They’ve also updated the rest of the games to give make them compatible on Windows 10 and re-added support for a number of languages.

Myst III and IV were just updated and released digitally for the first time!

Myst III Exile and Myst VI Revelation for the first time have been digitally released through with updated compatibility for Windows 7-10! If you go to the website you will see it first thing!


Cyan released 3d printable Myst models!

Cyan just released their first ever 3d printable Myst models! You can see the choices such as the Library and Marker switches at the link below!




Cyan screenshots and panoramic released from Myst VR

Cyan Inc. made a Myst VR(virtual reality) proof of concept that you can check out screenshots from below; it includes one panoramic that lets you look around.