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Myst 25th anniversary kickstarter raised 11000% of Goal!

Cyan Inc.‘s Myst 25th anniversary kickstarter wrapped up today! They raised more than 2.8 million!; 11 times their goal of 247,500!
I rather suspect that the Kickstarter’s success is why Rand said that the prospects of the TV series are back on the upturn, I imagine there is a lot more interest.

Cyan behind the scenes series on the Myst games

As part of the Myst 25th Anniversary Kickstarter Cyan did a series giving a small behind the scenes Q & A of each of the Myst games. You can read them at each of the links below. They’ve actually raised enough funds now that they are giving an option to get physical Mac copies and not just PC.

Small tidbits from Last Rand Miller AMA

The second ama (Ask Me Anything) with Rand Miller wrapped up today. Nothing new about a Myst Tv series in this one but there are some interesting other Tidbits. Cosmic Osmo and the Worlds Beyond the Mackerel, one of Cyan’s pre Myst games, has a remastered version that they never got to release but are working on making available.
Biggest thing is that they released the audition video of the original actor Cyan wanted for Atrus, Rand and Robyn Miller’s father. It is a very different take on Atrus;

In other news the Myst 25th Kickstarter is now past 2 million!

Rand Miller is doing another AMA this Friday!

Rand Miller is doing another AMA (ask me anything) this Friday as part of the Kickstarter for the Myst 25th anniversary collection. We got an update about the Myst TV series being back on the upturn at the last one so it should be neat to find out what else he will reveal at the upcoming one!

Some more news on the Myst TV series

Rand Miller’s kickstarter AMA just wrapped up. Good news on the TV series! He said it is back on the upturn, so it sounds like they are back to making progress. He said he is more interested in a TV series than a movie and would be interested in using it to explore the theme of how the books can corrupt.

Rand Miller Doing an AMA Today

Rand Miller is doing a AMA (Ask Me Anything) today in connection with Myst 25th Kickstarter!

Complete Myst series getting released on Mac OSX!

Cyan is officially planning on releasing all of the Myst games on Mac OSX thanks to the Kickstarter, currently past 1.5 million!