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Myst 25th now over a million, Macs getting support!

Cyan Inc.‘s Myst 25th anniversary Kickstarter just went over the million mark today, more that 4 times over the initial goal! With the additional revenue they are planning on making many of the games work on modern Macs as well!

Myst 25h Anniversary Kickstarter already past Goal!

That did not take long… still on the first day and Cyan’s Myst 25th Anniversary kickstarter has already passed its funding goal!
As of this posting $263,525 pledged of $247,500 goal!



Cyan’s Myst series Kickstarter now live!

Cyan’s Kickstarter for the Myst series update is now live! It looks like there are some very special goodies available as part of it.

Cyan doing Kickstarter for Myst’s 25

It looks like Cyan is planning on doing a kickstarter for the Myst 25th. I am getting the impression it might be more than just updating them to run on newer systems.