Monthly Archives: September 2017

New footage from Starry Expanse (realRiven)

It looks like The Starry Expanse Project (aka realRiven) has made a lot of progress from their latest update at Mysterium;


Little Update on the Myst TV series

Little bit of news on the Myst TV series from an interview with Rand Miller and other Cyan employees at the latest Mysterium. Rand said that there are different ideas being worked on: suggesting that it is going in a different direction than what we heard last time, a few things have fallen through and progress towards a Myst adaption is not as fast as before.  So, it sounds like it will happen later rather than sooner. 55:30 for Myst TV in the video.

Also update on the Book of Marrim at 23:50. They are considering the possibility of doing crowdfunding to allow them to finish and publish it.

24:45, talk about their next game after Obduction, aside from saying that it would not be a sequel they would not say anything besides that they want to give away as little as possible (very keeping with Cyan with their past games). It seemed like past evidence pointed towards Project Latus, but they are even more mum on it than last time suggesting it might be something else and more secretive from Cyan’s pipeline. Past information on Latus below;


At 38:40 they talk about plans to possibly do a Myst Virtual Reality game in the future. There was a known idea for Myst spinoff called Project Cobblepot, just speculation but their ideas for that might have evolved into this.


55:49 Cyan is interested in making Obduction available on Xbox, but it sounds like it will depend on its success on PS4.