Hulu Lands ‘Myst’ Drama From Legendary TV & Matt Tolmach Based On Video Game


4 responses to “Hulu Lands ‘Myst’ Drama From Legendary TV & Matt Tolmach Based On Video Game

  • Flowerpower

    Sounds exciting… but I won’t be celebrating until the series has actually been released.
    On an unrelated note, the feminist in me would love to see a female lead. Although, I think the Stranger would actually have to be two people, for the purposes of a T.V show. Gotta have conflict, comedy, dialoge, etc., etc., in order for there to be a show. Well…. If not another person then I guess a volley ball named Winston.
    Oh wait this is Myst so, how about that mechanical bird thing in Sirrus’ throne room in the mechanical age. It can be a wisecracking robot who is also an accountant (and yes, the D’ni do have the equivalent of the IRS. And no you don’t want to know how much Gehn owes in back taxes).

    • Kal

      The problem is that this article is unclear whether this is factual (series made from the games) or just the writer’s ignorance that there are books as well. If they plan to make it like the games instead of the books, then I kind of see them going some sort of Lost route, but with a single man, alone with secrets. I hope they don’t go that route.

      At this point, any story following the books would be fine by me. I would honestly love a female lead. Start straight from Ti’ana with the chronological beginning right through to the fall of D’ni. I can’t see any other story being long enough for a series beyond one season. I mean, Game of Thrones pretty much follows the books, and it has done very well, so why cant Myst. Myst is a much better and more original story by far.

      • shon

        It seems like the majority of writers on the topic tend to be ignorant of the Myst books, most people who have played Myst don’t seem to know about the Myst books either.

        I see other possibilities for the Myst series, they for example could follow the adventures of the D’ni restoration council that forms the back story for URU or also Atru’s many adventures from his meeting Gehn to all the worlds he got to visit post-Gehn. Marrim’s and her people’s adventures with Atrus could also be a lot of fun.

        It think the DRC option is probably the most likely one they would go with or something similar as it follows the more modern show formats most closely, it would seem somewhat similar to Stargate.

  • Flowerpower

    I would love an adaptation of the books too.
    Although a series focused on the DRC sounds pretty tempting as well. One thing I always wondered is if knowledge of D’ni linking books ever leaked out to world leaders… what would happen? Would governments be fighting each other for linking books? And for that matter, what would religious leaders do? One the bright side, I guess a linking book would make missions to mars a whole heck of a lot easier- just stick a linking book on a space shuttle, blast it off to mars and there you go.
    Going back to the topic of governments and linking books, suppose a country comes into possession of a linking book, would that age be that country’s state/province/prefecture/etc.? And would Universities eventually offer degrees in The Art? Gotta wonder…

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