How would you like to see the Myst TV series done?

My personal ideal would be to base it around Marrim; they could follow Marrim from “The Book of D’ni” through the rebuilding of D’ni in Releeshahn, preferably animated.


4 responses to “How would you like to see the Myst TV series done?

  • Flowerpower

    I would love to see a Myst Tv show. For one, a tv show allows for greater character development. Though I’m not sure how I feel about it being from Marrim’s perspective. On one hand, a show through Marrim’s point of view would be a great story telling device. For instance, she can be a way to introduce new people into the myst universe. Furthermore, since Marrim hasn’t had a huge role in the Myst story, writers have a little more freedom to create the show’s plot/ story arcs and such. On the other hand, a show focusing on the rebuilding of D’ni, though interesting for fans, risks not being able to attract enough of an audience because there are people who are not familiar with Myst cannon.
    But in any event, I would totally watch a Myst Tv show.

  • Flowerpower

    This is going way off topic…
    But I can’t believe that Leonard Nimoy died.

  • Harvey

    These shows aren’t very similar to Myst at all— but I think both “Breaking Bad” and “Better Call Saul” have proved that you can have a ‘fluid’ timeline & jump back & forth between points in history, without confusing too many viewers. That’s how I would do a Myst series… relevant flashbacks to the past of D’ni, as the story moves forward in the present day. As modern people discover the Art, new viewers are educated both in its use and its history via subplots that happen as flashbacks.

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