Legendary TV Developing Series Based On Myst!




7 responses to “Legendary TV Developing Series Based On Myst!

  • Flowerpower

    Do my eyes deceive me??? Oh man, I hope everything works out with this. I would love to see a series… by the Maker I hope it gets made.

  • Trekluver

    Oh, howdy everyone! It’s been a while since I dropped in… but wow! I’ve been pumped about it ever since they announced this. Really hoping it works out this time, even though that’ll mean the death of the Myst movie (for now).

    Best case scenario though, if the show does well, Legendary might press for a movie. *fingers crossed*

  • Justin

    I think a television series is perhaps the best way to go about adapting the books (if that’s actually what they’re planning to do). I seem to recall the original Myst movie team saying it wouldn’t work, but that was pre-Game of Thrones. lol
    I think we’ve reached a point with CGI where it can actually be practical to do things on TV that have a larger scale to them. Granted, we’re only seeing it mainly on premium channels like HBO and Showtime-and I suppose I could through in BBC as well since Doctor Who has excellent production values a lot of the time.
    It’s not just the fact that a TV series allows for a more thorough adaptation, I think the books also just lend themselves better to it. It’s been awhile since I’ve read the books (I’m just now in the process of re-reading The Book of Atrus after upgrading to hardback copies of the series) but I also remember the writers working on Ti’ana mentioning how difficult it was to cut things down. There’s some plots that just don’t fit easily into a single film and on top of that even if they managed to trim it down into a three-hour Lord of the Rings-style adaptation, the series just doesn’t have the same name-recognition it once did. Heck, even with LotR’s legacy it was difficult to sell as a pair of three-hour films. Unless they could get James Cameron to direct it, I doubt it would fly very well.
    That said, I’ll repeat what I said once on the original Myst movie blog-The Book of Atrus may be a better place to start than Ti’Ana. Not only was it the first book published, but it also draws you in to the world of D’ni a bit better since it not only uses Atrus as an “outsider’s perspective”, but it also benefits from the fact that we’re more-or-less following his character through the whole story.
    Ti’Ana could be adapted to focus more on Anna to bring that outsider element to the forefront but certain things may need to be compromised to accomplish that. Also, if they’re going to adapt all the books anyway, why not start from a point that already works well as an introduction? Why not show D’ni after the collapse and then, when we finally move on to Ti’Ana, it will make the story that much more compelling because of the sense of mystery and intrigue that’s been built up (at least for people who haven’t already read the books).
    That said, I’m not exactly sure how a tie-in game would work out-at least if they’re going off the books. Though I suppose the exploration-driven elements could work out with some means of interactively exploring the locations featured in the show. That could actually be a pretty good idea.

    • Trekluver

      I’m actually sort of hoping the series *doesn’t* follow the plot of the books. The series is so rich as it stands now, and there’s a massive amount of things to explore before the fall of D’ni, the age of the D’ni Kings, and then everything that happens after Myst V.

      I’m certain a series based on the books would be incredible, but I’ll be just as excited for a series with wholly original content we’ve never seen before.

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