Monthly Archives: February 2014

Last week to contribute to Cyan’s new game Obduction

This is the last week that Cyan will be accepting contributions, going to their next stretch goal, for their new game Obduction. If you have not already done so and are interested you can contribute via the link below up until February 28.


Cyan had some fun with Valentine’s Day


If you take a look over at Cyan Inc.’s facebook they’ve been having some fun with Valentine’s day.

realMyst: Masterpiece Edition now available!

The updated version of realMyst, realMyst: Masterpiece Edition, is now available. Information is in the link below (note that it is currently only available in digital format);

Myst Online: Uru Shards

For Myst Online: Uru Live there are what are called Shards these are servers independent of Cyan Inc.‘s that include code and/or new fan created content, you can see a list on Cyan’s site of some of the Shards here (note that some of the links in the list are out of date);