Concept artist For Obduction

Check out some of Claire Hummel art work, she is responsible for the Character concept images for Cyan Inc.’s upcoming game Obduction, she also has a lot of fan art dedictated to Myst you can check out;



4 responses to “Concept artist For Obduction

  • Justintime9

    Hey, this is not related to this post, but what exactly is this site? I was under the impression that the Myst Movie was done. I notice there’s a link up top to the Myst Movie site, but there is no longer a Myst movie website. Sooo… what is this all about?

    • Trekluver


      This site was started right after the Myst Movie site went down, so that us fans could continue our various conversations. At the time, the movie itself was still in active development, but a dispute amongst the filmmakers meant that the site has been down indefinitely.

      As of now we have no new information about the movie, and the project is sort of considered dead at the moment. Likewise, many of the guys who originally commented on the site have moved on to other locations of discussion. Shon and I continue to keep this site open though, in the off chance that things with the movie kick off again. Or for when a bunch of us fans decide we wanna have a good old fashioned comment thread conversation. Take your pick. 🙂

  • Justintime9

    Ah, ok. That makes sense. It really is a shame things haven’t worked out with the movie. If I understand correctly, one of the reasons was the studios didn’t think Ti’anna would be a good start to the Myst movies? Anyway, it’s good to know this is here in case there is still hope. xD

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