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Concept artist For Obduction

Check out some of Claire Hummel art work, she is responsible for the Character concept images for Cyan Inc.’s upcoming game Obduction, she also has a lot of fan art dedictated to Myst you can check out;



Cyan’s kickstarter has finished!

Obduction’s kickstarter ended with over 1.3 million raised! Cyan is still accepting payment via PayPal if you missed it but still wanted to take part, you can still get the same reward tiers;


Obduction has met its initial funding goal!

They are working on stretch goals now. Here is a video Cyan Inc. posted to commemorate it. It is well worth the watch.

You can still back Cyan’s upcoming game on kickstarter here;

Cyan created a Facebook Event for the Obduction Kickstarter

Cyan started a Facebook event for the Obduction Kickstarter, it should make it easier to invite friends you think would be interested to take part.

Live Q&A Broadcast with the team for Obduction!

Cyan is holding a live Q&A broadcast with the Obduction team tomorrow:
If you have not already done so you can back their upcoming game on kikstarter here;