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Rand Miller ask-me-anything on Reddit!

Sorry we did not post this sooner Rand Miller has been doing a ask-me-anything on Reddit, he is done for the moment but it sounds like he intends to come back and answer more questions he did not get to yet.


Cyan’s kickstarter has officially started!

Here is the link for Cyan’s Kickstarter!

Tabletop RPG set in the Myst Universe!

It seems that there is a Tabletop RPG on Kickstarter set in the Myst universe! It already met its initial goal and is working on stretch goals.

Cyan is making plans to use crowd-funding for a successor to Myst!

The news is from the interview with Rand Miller below, you will find the details at the bottom of the page;

“Rand says Cyan plans to launch its own Kickstarter project, a sci-fi successor to Myst, as soon as next month.

At this point Rand won’t reveal the title, but he offers this image as a teaser: A white picket fence and an old farmhouse on a strange and alien world, without explanation for how they arrived.”

Robyn C. Miller is starring in a movie!

Although a Myst movie appears to still be a ways off, it seems that Robyn C. Miller co-designer and composer for Myst and Riven who also portrayed Sirrus in Myst is directing and starring in a movie; “The Immortal Augustus Gladstone”. Take a look at the link below, there is a trailer in the top left corner;