New Direction!

Before you ask, no, Shon didn’t join a boy band. πŸ˜€ However, he did transfer the site over to me, as he was planning on closing it.


While I was originally going to take over to make sure the site was properly archived, I have decided to keep it up in any capacity that the fans want. To start, I’ve given the site a face lift. There’s a new theme, a new banner, and several other new features, including an official chat room!

I’ll make more changes and additions as requested. Who knows, with a little work, this space may just become the “official” place for Myst Movie fans. Feel free to discuss whatever you like down bellow.


– Trekluver


34 responses to “New Direction!

  • shon

    Thanks for taking over. I like the new look, it looks better than before.
    Though how can you be certain that I did not join a boy band? πŸ˜‰

  • kdefg

    ambitious! I’m going to ask, not to be negative, which direction are you taking it? The banner implies this is for fans of the book, which might not have as much to do with the movie as we first hoped. The movie will generate its own buzz later down the road, and I hope new fans feel welcome to ignore the BoT initially. I’ll bet comic book fans have the same dilemma when a movie expands their universe.

    • Trekluver

      You make a good point. The banner I used was the official wallpaper that Mysteria Film Group originally released for the project, hence why I placed it up there. Maybe in a couple weeks, when I get a chance, I’ll make a new banner that’s more fitting to whatever direction the project happens to go. Thanks for the suggestion!

  • mstrneal

    Thanks guys, RSS’d

  • Flowerpower

    I found you guys!!!!!! Hello! Missed ya’ and love you all!

  • Sir Zachariah P. Thorley

    I am glad that someone is keeping the spirit going. I was sad to hear that Adrian has left the Mysteriacs and the Myst project. I hope that everyone else is able to continue with the project and accomplish what I’m sure everyone in the community has been looking forward to since the original announcement of the movie was made.

  • cho233

    Hello everybody, I’m still here and supporting the project wherever it may be. I trust any information will be posted here as it comes in.

  • Alexander

    This site hasn’t died, has it? No, it hasn’t. Just checking.
    Trek, you should post little tidbits, like the Mysteriacs used to do! Relevant or not. It’d give us a reason to keep checking back… other than to chat with our comrades, of course. πŸ˜€

    • Trekluver

      No, it hasn’t… thankfully. πŸ˜€ Maybe I will in a few days; life’s been crazy for a while, so I’ve not been very active in the community. Hopefully that will change soon. Stay tuned. πŸ˜›

  • iSmartMan

    Last time I visited, everything was relatively fine and we were making ridiculously long comment threads to kill time until the Mysteriacs made another post. I come back a few months later, and now the site has vanished, and every link I find claiming to offer an explanation (yes, even here) is a dead end. Would someone mind filling me in on exactly what happened while I was gone?

    • Magic88889

      The truth is we don’t really know what happened. Both Adrian and Issac had both posted their sides of the story, but they were so different, it’s hard to tell.

      What we do know is that there was a falling out between Adrian and Issac. According to Adrian, Issac went behind his back and stole the movie from him. Now, the movie is in Issac’s hands and his company Delve Films. Adrian is no longer part of it, which is sad to say the least.

      Apparently this all happened months before it actually came out, while we all thought that everything was fine, and were waiting for news.

      Since this all played out both on the site and the mystonline forum, we haven’t heard a peep from anyone about the movie.

      The whole thing was really quite disturbing, but probably the most disturbing is what Rand said, at least according to Adrian. He said that he didn’t care about making a good movie, he just wanted any movie made.

      Again, we don’t know what really happened. Issac posted a very short thing that basically just said that Adrian left. Adrian then posted a very long, very emotional post about the course of events. Now while I’m inclined to trust Adrain (if even half of what he says Issac did is true, it would make him a very bad person in my book), you have to consider it in the emotional context. Adrian was very frustrated with Issac, Cyan, and the producing partners, so some of his interpretation of events has to be evaluated in those means.

      Hopefully somebody else has a copy of the comments by both Adrain and Issac. I know somebody made a log, but the post that had the link was deleted by Cyan. Plus, Chogon has asked us not to discuss this on the mystonline forums.

  • shon

    It is nice to see everyone is still around. I don’t think I will be popping in too often but maybe we could start some more of our Myst debates and hypotheticals.

  • shon

    This is pretty neat, someone made a touch screen imbedded into a book so that you can play the “Myst” games on a linking book page;

  • shon

    I recall a few people here liked “The Longest Journey”. There is a kickstarter right now for a sequal to Dreamfall;

  • shon

    “The Journeyman Project: Pegasus Prime” unreleased DVD edition is coming out on Windows and Mac osx this month!

  • Flowerpower

    You know I’ve been thinking…
    I don’t want a Myst movie. I want a Myst TV series. Think about it- less would be cut out and there would be more character development.

  • Flowerpower

    Love it! Thanks πŸ™‚

  • shon

    @Trekluver, do you want any help updating the page? I think the comment I posted on Rand Miller’s interview might make a good post.

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