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It looks like they are trying to work things out

Thank you again Magic88889 for posting


An update from Adrian on the Myst movie site, apparently there is more to this;

The site now appears to be safe and is no longer blacklisted


Thank you Magic88889 for posting

An update by the Mysteriacs on the MOUL forums!

Thank you Trekluver!

Update is here;

News from Trekluver about the Mysteriacs




UPDATE!!! Just got a response from Issac. I cannot tell you exactly what he told me (because he did not say I could). However, he did mention that their lack of responses has been for the usual reasons (Put two and two together here people. ;) ). He said they will try to update us, in some capacity, “…very soon on the Myst forums…” :D

Where we last left off in our comments

  • Yay!!! (at this point I’ll take a sign we can get that they’re still around and loving us from afar)

  • @Magic88889, were you ever able to figure out that number puzzle?

    @Amaterial, a little bit, it is interesting to read about what happens in Eve but I am not interested in getting caught in the fray.

    New topic idea, if you could choose an age to be put in “Myst Uru” from one of the books that has not been depicted in any of the Myst games yet which one would you pick?

  • Oh man! I just popped by the site to see if anything was happening, and saw that you’ve been discussing other classic puzzle games! I cannot not jump in here. I’m a huge fan of The Last Express as well as Syberia. I was actually very happy with Syberia 2, even liking it a bit better than the first one. And yes, I remember the automaton’s name. Oscar will never be forgotten! :’)

    Hey, while we’re on this subject (and I apologize if it’s been mentioned earlier), did anyone here ever play Obsidian? I’ve been dying to play it ever since seeing the trailer for it when it was actually new, but I can’t seem to find it ANYWHERE. It’s not on GOG or any of the other similar sites I’ve been able to find. As a side point, I know for a fact that there’s a Myst joke in Obsidian, having been one of the earlier Myst Clones to come along. ;-p

    And speaking of Myst clones, did anyone ever play The Crystal Key? What kind of ending was that?? XD

  • I played a bit of The Crystal Key 2, but never finished it.

  • And it’s cookies to Artoveli for the correct answer!

    Crystal Key . . . gosh, that was a long time ago. Both 1 and 2 were a little weird, but still fun.

    Did anyone play the Atlantis series? The music theme of Atlantis: The Lost Tales is one of my favorite themes of all time.

  • I played Obsidian recently, and, while it looks rather dated, it is a fantastic game, especially the first third or so. I bought my copy on eBay. Note that the game won’t work on Macs too new to support the Classic Environment, or Microsoft computers too new to support 16-bit applications, without a virtual machine. I played it on a 7-year-old laptop I am lucky enough to still own. The music did not play back correctly, but there were no other major problems.

  • I think I tried to play TCK2 once, but it kept crashing near the beginning.

    As for other games to check out, the Monkey Island series, Sam & Max, and Zork are all excellent series.

    Monkey Island was created back in the heyday of adventure games at lucasArts. Along with other creations like Maniac Mansion and it’s sequal Day of the Tentacle (yet another excellent game), they were fun, entertaining, and had excellent puzzles and story. They were more on the zany side of things, but I enjoyed every minuet of them.

    Sam & Max is the brainchild of artist Steve Purcell (writer and directer of the movie Brave). As far as I know, they are the only characters that he has created on his own (although he did have some help from his brother). If you don’t know Sam & Max, then you are really missing out. Next to Myst, it is my favorite series of all time. They are on the extremely zany side of the spectrum, but that’s part of what makes them so special. They started out as comics, then moved on to a lucasArts game, and a cartoon series, and finally to Telltale Games. I think Telltale might have veered of from who Sam & Max are in season 3, but they are all excellent games.

    Zork is a different animal altogether. It had many different sides, but still ended up more on the zany side of things more often than not. Starting in the text adventure days, it rose to find several games after that. My favorite is Zork: Grand Inquisitor.

    All of them are excellent series and are worth checking out.

  • It seems like the Mystmovie page has been hacked, you can get around it by setting security in IE on high or disabling Javascript for other browsers.

    @Artoveli, “Obsidian” is not available on any download sites, but you can get it on amazon and ebay, just make sure you set the department or category to video games otherwise you get a lot of rocks in your search.

    @shadetree, that sounded very nice thanks for linking to that, I think I might try that game sometime.

  • (I hope this post comes in the right place this time)

    Both Syberia I & II are good games as well as its predecessor Amerzone (though that game was a bit too short)

    Another essential game in the adventure genre is Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. Reminds a bit of Monkey Island III

  • Hacked??

  • @Magic88889, when going to Mystmovie, for a long stretch of yesterday, after being on the page several second you would get forwarded to a new random page. It looks to be resolved now though.

  • (oh right commend thread glitch… repost:)

    *comes out of a very deep hole*
    Finally *gasp* freedom…

  • My antivirus tells me that visiting invites several trojan viruses. They must not have updated their site in to long that their security is really out of date.

  • Wow, that’s troubling. Well, at least I know my antivirus works.