Firmament Kickstarter past one million!

Cyan Inc.‘s kickstarter for their upcoming game Firmament, just passed one million, still has three more days to go to reach the target!

More details on Myst TV series

Rand Miller has given out a few more exciting details on the the Myst TV series in a Live Stream for promoting the Firmament kickstarter. He said it is further along than it has ever been and that they are more involved than ever before. It will be episodic but may be more than that (There was talk about Cyan doing a tie in game to the TV series when it was announced before so that may be hint towards that direction).
You watch the whole livestream at the link below, Myst TV was discussed at about 19:00

New update on Myst TV series!

New and quite optimistic update on the Myst TV series from Rand Miller, through a reddit AMA!

“We’re still working on the Myst series, and we are actively involved in the process this time around. There are some very hopeful and interesting developments. The story is so great – I really hope this happens! I’d say something like “you’ll love it” but you’re Myst fans – of course you’ll love it!”
This is sounding even more optimistic than the last news we had on it suggesting things have continued to progress from then.
He also mentioned that it might be possible for Cyan to do an HD Riven through upscaling!

Firmament Stretch goal for Mac and PS4 released!

Cyan Inc. just released stretch goals for the kickstarter for their upcoming game Firmament, if they raise enough they will port it to both higher end Mac computers and Playstation 4!

Firmament past the halfway mark!

Cyan Inc.‘s kickstarter, for their next game Firmament, just crossed the halfway mark! Still has 17 more day to go!

Cyan announced “Firmament” Kickstarter!

Cyan Inc., just announced a Kickstarter for their next game “Firmament” . It is being made with VR very much in mind but players will not need VR to play it.

Cyan is helping publish the game “Zed”

Cyan is helping publish a game called “Zed” from Eagre Games, headed by a former contributor of Cyan, Chuck Carter, who worked on Myst among other games. It is the first time Cyan has externally helped with the publication of a game.
You can read about it at the link below as well as watch the trailer;