Myst Soundtrack now on Vinyl!

The soundtrack for Myst by Robyn Miller has just been released on Vinyl for the first time!

MYST Vinyl Soundtrack

Myst VR launch trailer!

Cyan Inc. released the launch trailer for Myst for VR! (virtual reality) It comes out on the Occulus store tomorrow, December 10th, with other other stores following later. It is also playable in non-VR.

Myst VR out on Dec. 10th!

Cyan Inc.’s Myst for VR headsets (virtual reality) comes out this December 10th!

If you have not already you can watch the announcement trailer here;

A New Atrus Journal entry!

Cyan Inc. released a new Atrus journal entry about can Age called “Crow”. It looks like it was written to help promote Cyan’s new phone app called “Crowbox” but there is also a new vr Myst coming out. Either way it is a nice read;

Can still pledge for Myst Doc.

Even though the The Myst Documentary kickstarter ended they are still accepting new pledges through Fangamer;

Best Buy is selling the physical edition of “reaMyst: Masterpiece Edition” for Switch for the same price as you would if you did the pre-order, the difference between the pre-order and Best Buy according to the Limited Run site is the cover art (keep in mind there is a vr edition of Myst coming out sometime in the future); can read some more of the details on the switch version on the original Limited Run page;

VR Myst Trailer!

Cyan Inc.​ just released a trailer for a new edition of Myst that will be playable in VR headsets (virtual reality)!

New ages added to URU Live!

New ages were just added yesterday to MOULa!


The Myst Documentary raised $260,113!

The Myst Documentary crowdfund ended today raising $260,113 a fair amount above the goal of 200,000!

The Myst Documentary is funded!

The Myst Documentary kickstarter crowdfund is now past its goal and funded with two more days still to go!

Update on Myst TV from Mysterium 2020

Update on the Myst TV series from Rand Miller during his Mysterium interview. They are still working with Village Roadshow for the first stage. He stated it will be an episodic show. It will not be just the old story but move forward. They are making more progress than ever before and are more involved than ever before. He discusses it at 18:27

At 20:42 Philip Shane the director of “The Myst Documentary” discusses one of the ideas he has for the film, in which they take Rand and Robyn Miller give a walking tour of Myst and Riven (it sounds like he means having them appear to walk inside the game) in which they will peel up the ground to show what is underneath or how they went about designing.

“The Myst Documentary” kickstarter is currently almost at 75% as of this writing and can still be backed up till August 13.


At 34:32 Rand and Robyn Miller discuss the original plans for the mine cart maze in the Selenitic Age of Myst. Originally, they were planning on what they describe as a Dr. Seuss like underground walking maze in which you would press buttons at intersections to hear a sound.