Myst Short story free on Cyan Store

A short story set in the Myst universe by Hugo winning author David D. Levine has been made available for the first time outside of the Unwritten kickstarter on the Cyan website and for free!

"Upon a Shifting Plate": An Unwritten Short Story by David D. Levine

Cyan producing game: “Area Man Lives”

Cyan Inc. is producing a game by Numinous Games, the game studio that did That “Dragon, Cancer”, called “AREA MAN LIVES”. They indicated in the description that you will use your actual voice to talk to characters in the game.
“AREA MAN LIVES is a quirky VR game that mixes a comic book world with an over-the-top radio drama. Using your own voice to talk to characters and your high-tech monkey gloves interact with the world, you begin to piece together what’s happening in this decidedly odd town on the Oregon”

Showrunner hired for Myst TV series!

Village Roadshow has hired a blockbuster movie writer as the showrunner and as a writer on the Myst TV series!

Obduction is coming to Xbox!

Cyan’s game Obduction is coming to Xbox One on April 10th!

realMyst coming to Nintendo Switch!

Cyan Inc.‘s realMyst Masterpiece Edition is coming to Nintendo Switch! They are doing a limited edition physical disk release that pre-orders start for on February 28

Cyan is doing a Black Friday Sale

There are a few stores you can get new licensed physical Myst memorabilia from, including an official Store by Cyan. Cyan has indicated that they will be doing a Black Friday sale in their store tomorrow
Fangamer presently has free shipping in the U.S. and discounted international till December 2
Handmade Myst replicas
Unwritten game book and Ae’gura Map Poster(Cyan recently bought Unwritten so the gamebook is expected to be on the Cyan store soon)
Build it yourself Myst Resin Rocket Model
Myst The Book of Atrus – A Graphic Novel Vol 1 (sadly does not looks like there will be additional chapters added anytime soon but still really good and can also be read for free online)
Black Ships Cloth Mechanical Age in Myst

New progress video from Starry Expanse

The Starry Expanse Project’s, (aka realRiven), progress video from Mysterium has now been released, there is some really neat video of their progress of survey island;

Cyan planning to add Fan content to URU!

Cyan Inc. just announced earlier this week on the “URU Live” forums that they will begin including as updates to “URU Live” fan content! 

Cyan set up a new store for Myst Goods!

Cyan Inc. has set up an online store and is selling new physical Myst Items!

Myst IV Concept art is free to download!

As part of the last Mysterium Cyan Inc. has made arrangements with Ubisoft to make the “Myst IV Revelation” concept art available to download for free!
Direct link here;
You can also now order Myst Coloring Books;