Cyan’s newest game Obduction is now out!

Cyan Inc.‘s newest game Obduction is now out and getting very good reviews! You can get it at the different links below as well as read many of the reviews;

Obduction release date pushed back

Cyan Inc.‘s new game Obduction is going to be delayed for a few more weeks so they can do additional polishing, the new release date is August 22, 2016.

Update: So close…

Obduction Release date Announced!

Release date for Obduction, Cyan Inc.‘s upcoming game, is July 26 2016!


Myst Jam games

Back in January there was an event put together called the Myst Jam in Celebration of Myst. Video game programmers created Myst inspired games for the event that you can download and play for free. Here are two lists of some of the best games from the jam as well as the complete list with download links;

Teaser Trailer for Obduction!

Cyan Inc. has released a teaser trailer for their upcoming game Obduction!

New Screenshots from Obduction!

Cyan has released new screenshots from their upcoming game Obduction! The game i now considered to be in beta phase of development.

Myst influence on the game the Witness

I think you might have heard of a recently released game called “The Witness”. It turns that it had been influenced a lot by Myst. two articles below one is an interview with the director in which he discusses Myst’s influence on the game and the other is a Cyan Inc. employee who worked on past Myst games as well as the upcoming Cyan game Obduction and his work on the The Witness.


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