Firmament is releasing on 05/18/2023!

Cyan Inc.’s upcoming game “Firmament” has a release date! They plan to release the game on Windows and MacOS on Thursday, May 18th, 2023! They game will also be on PS4, PS5, and PS VR 2 sometime after.


Cyan is officially working on realRiven!

Cyan Inc. has officially announced that they are working on realRiven! (A Riven remake with realtime movement). They are taking over development from the The Starry Expanse Project, a previous fan effort to create a realRiven and are using the assets they provided to give the project a jumpstart.

You can see details from both Cyan’s FAQ and The Starry Expanse team at the links below;–DfCWctumNbDLM4ZiKkYLxhzrsy16Z9pvUZwTafMOQSOxNcg

Updates from Mysterium 2022

Several updates at the last Mysterium, unfortunately no information on the Myst TV series but they do have an expected release time frame for the Myst documentart and showed off footage of Cyan Inc.’s upcoming game “Firmament”.

First set of updates are from the Cyan’s “State Of The Union” Presentation linked below;

11:12 for Firmament footage

25:30 Cyan published a game called “The Last Clockfinder” by studio Pontoco

37:02 Rime is being worked on for the VR Myst but Firmament is a priority so it may be a while before they can add Rime to the game

44:00 Eric at Cyan has made some builds of sections of URU in Unreal Engine that he intends to make available online, they likely will not be doing a complete rebuild of URU in Unreal Engine anytime soon as the game is too big for the budget they currently have

46:06 the previously released Myst books will be available digitally either later this year or next year and they are also making new physical editions

Cyan’s. “State Of The Union” Presentation

“The Last Clockfinder” trailer

Details from the Mysterium Twich channel;

5:26 The Myst Documentary is expected to be ready in time for Mysterium next year (Mysterium next year does not have a date yet but they usually have it sometime over the summer)

Mysterium 2022 | Myst Documentary Sneak Peek part 1 – Twitch

3:00 discussed The Myst Vault website, a website the Myst Documentary team is working on that will be a multimedia library of Myst archived information including videos

Firmament is coming to Playstation!

Cyan Inc.’s next game Firmament is going to be available on Playstation 4 and 5!

Cyan Inc. expects the game to be out later this year for PC and macOS, and aim to have the Playstation versions out at the same time.

Myst for VR comes out 8/26/2021!

Cyan’s re-imagined Myst for Virtual Reality( but can be played in non-VR as well) is coming out for Windows, Mac, and Xbox on August 26!

Obduction free on Epic Store!

Cyan Inc.’s game Obduction is free from now to 10 AM CST Thursday, July 22 on the Epic Games store!

Mysterium is this Friday!

If you have not already done so Mysterium the Myst fan convention is coming up this Friday, July 16. It is online and free! You can register at the link below;


This is this years schedule;


Myst Soundtrack now on Vinyl!

The soundtrack for Myst by Robyn Miller has just been released on Vinyl for the first time!

MYST Vinyl Soundtrack

Myst VR launch trailer!

Cyan Inc. released the launch trailer for Myst for VR! (virtual reality) It comes out on the Occulus store tomorrow, December 10th, with other other stores following later. It is also playable in non-VR.

Myst VR out on Dec. 10th!

Cyan Inc.’s Myst for VR headsets (virtual reality) comes out this December 10th!

If you have not already you can watch the announcement trailer here;